Our Process

All ArtSpring fine art prints are hand crafted at LightSource in San Francisco and offered in sizes from 48x72 to 20x30 on all cotton rag archival paper.

Some of our artists are painters and some are photographers. The ArtSpring process is the same for both with a few distinctions;

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The secret to making a beautiful reproduction print of original art is in the capture. Our art captures are made with a Hasselblad H6D 400, the highest resolution camera available.

Once we capture the art, we adjust color and tonality of the digital file to make the final print.

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We then make test strips to refine the look and to ensure a truly faithful reproduction of the original art.

From the capture, we create a Master File with color and tonality adjustments to match the original art.

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Founder image

When we're satisfied, we save the settings from the proofing stage and the Master File is ready to make your art print

We use acid free, cotton base rag papers as well as archival pigments.

Your fine art print will last a lifetime!