Brynjar Ágústsson

About the Artist

Brynjar Ágústsson is an Icelandic freelance photographer, based in Reykjavík area. His work has been featured in magazines, commercials and exhibitions.

Born in the north of Iceland in an artistic family, it was easy getting attached to the beauty of the rough nature. Bright summer nights in the middle of the highlands, dark winter nights under green northern lights and waterfalls from melting glaciers. Through the years witnessing all this and many volcanic eruptions he humbly bowes to Mother Earth.

In collaboration with Iceland Photo Workshop, he has for the past 5 years run many photo workshops.  There he shares his vision by taking the visual craft deeper by awakening and amplifying the creativity force and expanding the vision in a creative and delicate way by putting together elements of nature within the frame.

Brynjar has always explored the latest in the photography business, both technically and ideologically. He has a keen eye for composition and light. At first he was mainly working with landscape photos. But Brynjar has also created unique Viking photos, sports action photos as well, and has focused lately on BW fine art where light, forms and texture are the main themes. 

Brynjar is a self-taught artist and photographer, having learned his craft through personal research, art school and practical experience behind the camera since 1980s.  In his work, he incorporates  minimalism and long exposure technique to expand the expressive dimensions of his art. His fine art prints are currently in demand by interior designers and corporate art buyers. In addition, his images have been widely published throughout the world. They have been used in advertising campaigns, product design, and tourism brochures, books, magazines, and calendars.

Some of Brynjar’s clients include: Restoration Hardware, Arteinmortal and Reykjavik Excursions.