Li Westerlund

About the Artist

Li is entranced with the mysticism of underwater worlds and here showcases the rare and beautiful life forms in the Raja Ampat archipelago in the NW Indonesian sea. This virtually untouched treasure trove of life carries immense importance for sustaining biodiversity globally.

Artist’s Statement

The vibrant colors and exotic life covered by the deep waters surrounding us may be inaccessible to most people, tales of strange creatures and sea monsters surface, or they become part of fictional stories, sparking curiosity or even fear about the underwater world. The mysticism surrounding the oceans remain an inspiration to me to explore, and for capturing facets through the lens of my camera, as I see life play out in the deep. With the macro images captured in the seas surrounding Indonesia, the marine area referred to as Russia and part of the Four Kings. I wanted to bring to life the beauty and richness of the marine life shaped by the waterways rushing up from deep sea events in this part of the world. The sea beds have stayed virtually untouched, covered with a thick carpet of fluorescent corals and marine invertebrates. While is turbulent waters remain largely undocumented and unexplored, says the Indonesian seas still hold unparalleled marine life, which carries such importance for sustaining biodiversity globally, I hope but these pieces to create more awareness about the hidden treasures of the oceans worth protecting, because people tend to care about what they know what they see with their own eyes.