Our Story

Art Connects Us All

Creating ArtSpring fulfills a long-term dream of mine to collaborate with a group of talented artists looking to sell limited edition prints to art consultants, art buyers and designers. I’m Sam Hoffman, the owner of LightSource digital imaging in SF, and over the years, I have specialized in making limited edition and open edition inkjet prints for artists and photographers nationally. I’ve watched these artists trying to market their prints to higher end buyers with varying degrees of success. It seems that this is the single most difficult task for an artist given that they are, well, creatives and not always  comfortable with the process of selling their work to a specific audience. 

I’ve also worked with many artists that have worked with galleries both brick and mortar and online, that never got a fair commission for their efforts. Sometimes the asking prices for the prints set by the galleries didn’t fully value the efforts and talent of the artist either. 

The LightSource factor

The print is everything. By this I mean making sure the print has the emotional impact conveyed in the original art and doing everything in our power to ensure every detail and nuance of the original art (in the case of a painting) is digitally captured to perfection. This is absolutely key to ensuring a large print has the exacting detail of the original art.  This same pursuit of channeling the vision of the artist goes into every print we make from a photographer’s digital files. Quite simply, the print has to “pop”. When it does, you feel the connection the photographer had to their artistic vision. The open secret about our technique here is to care deeply about dedicating all our printing skill set to refine and refine again until we get it right.

ArtSpring for all! 

On our site it’s easy to connect with our artists through their video artist statements. 

All art is offered in large and smaller sizes.

You can buy any of our art on a 10 month time payment plan for zero interest.

And best of all, all art, framed or unframed has FREE shipping.