Jenny Phillips

About the Artist

Jenny Phillips is an artist based in San Francisco, CA. She grew up in Eastern Long Island, Majorca and New York City. She majored in Art History at Denison University, where she was a teaching assistant in the printmaking department and was awarded the Woodrow Deckman Studio Art Scholarship. Moving back to New York City, she spent her formative years at the Brooklyn Academy of Music during the late 80’s and early 90’s working as a graphic designer. The combination of theater, dance and music that Jenny witnessed at BAM continues to inform her work today, both in the moods she creates and in the gestures and rhythms she employs. She relocated to San Francisco in 1998, and as the world of graphic design shifted away from the physical and into the digital, Jenny’s love of making things eventually prompted her to pursue a full time career in art. She studied at California College of Arts, the San Francisco Art Institute, and the Kala Art Institute. Since 2010, she has exhibited her works throughout California and the US. In addition to private collections, her work can be seen at the de Young Museum (Fall of 2020), Encaustic Art Institute in Santa Fe and at Stanford Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto, California Pacific Medical Center (Van Ness) in San Francisco, Sunrise Hospital, Medical Center in Las Vegas and One Medical in Los Angeles and 10 murals at Hotel Zoe in Fisherman’s Wharf (Fall/Winter 2020)

Artist’s Statement

My work is about feeling, rather than ideology or narrative. It explores subliminal emotions created by the environments that surround us, and reflects the rhythm of the seasons and the beauty of the commonplace. I use paper, photography, wax, oil paint, watercolor, India inks and acrylic washes, borrowing techniques from printmaking and combining materials in unexpected ways to capture moments in time and a sense of fleeting and fragile beauty. Using the interplay of line work, texture, and color, I balance simplicity of expression with spontaneity of gesture to evoke the essence of the everyday.