Image Quality FAQ

 What makes ArtNexus prints superior to other fine art prints sites?
The secret to achieving a strikingly perfect reproduction fine art print of an original art piece is in the capture process. Ours are made with a Hasselblad H6D 400, the same camera used by the MOMA in SF and NY as well as the Smithsonian and Tate museums. The full tonal range and exacting details in the original are faithfully rendered without exception.
Q How do you make the prints perfect?
Once we capture the art, we go through a painstaking process of creating a master file digital file from the capture file to ensure that the final print  is the best it can be. The secret in this process is to perfect the last 10% of the adjustments to the file. Many printers stop at 80% or 90%, but we go to 100%. 
Q What about your photographic prints?
Our fine art photography prints get the same kind of care 
Q Are your prints archival? How long will they last?
We print on archival heavyweight 100% cotton rag papers rated for color accuracy of 100 years.  We use archival dyes and inks that achieve a color range and permanence second to none.